Hello! I am Tina, a university student from Singapore. My team of five will be visiting Korea from 14th to 25th January 2019 for our thesis documentaryfilm. Our documentary will be on Kpop fan culture in Korea, focusing on the life of a fansite master (홈마). The job we need done includes:

1.Finding profiles: 2-3fansites masters (홈마) who are willing to be interviewed

2.Understanding about their stories and explaining it to us (Eg:What is their daily life like? How do they get money for their activities? Why did they become a fansite master?)

3.Regular Skype meetings with my team to update us on the progress of the pre-production

4.Scheduling the production shoot (inclusive of meeting and interviewing the fansite masters)

5.Clear legal paperwork (e.g. location permits, talent releases etc.)


 1.Help us translate and communicate with the fansite masters

We are willing to pay a sum of 2000 - 2500 USD for pre-production and production work. If you or anyone you know is interested, please do reach out to us via Kakao at ID wantingless or ID yjmozzz.